Saturday, January 16, 2010

Fixing a Hole Where the Rain Gets IN

So I may have, at an early age, set part of the soundtrack for my life. I had an elementary school friend in Maryland from a very interesting family. She had two teenage sisters and one of them was a Beatles fanatic. So in 4th grade I saved up my money and walked to the store and bought Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. My first grown up music, that I chose and bought by myself. Wore the grooves off it. Still have it! The paper's coming off the edge of the cover.
So, I've revisited a Cd version of it. Last night I listened to one of my favorite speakers. And woke up with "Fixing a hole..." going through my head. Wayne Dyer is so awesome. I have listened to Manifesting Your Destiny over and over. Last night I listened to a lecture from his Excuses Begone series. I don't have the series yet I downloaded a free hour of it. It ROCKED! The image here is one of his Excuses Begone "cards", taking an excuse and turning it around into a positive affirmation. But I didn't get to finish it! wah... It expired... Oh well, we had to watch Run Fat Boy Run. Which was a blast.
Guess I'll have to buy the CD set....

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