Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Boo Ya'll!

So thought I'd report in about one of my family's favoritest of holidays, HALLOWEEN!
We had a good time. Meredith was with us for the festivities and we did a fine job. I had wanted to have a blow out party but getting life rolling after Portland, and applying to Portland for next year with new projects, and teaching, it was just too much. Next year! I did find out that my daughter is a whiz at pumpkin carving and wields a mean exacto blade. She did the Jack Skellington pumpkin and many of our luminaries including this fierce cat. Meredith and her friend rampaged neighborhoods trick or treating as zombie school girls replete with pleated plaid skirts and battle with a bottle of fake blood. I was thrilled to have LOTS of trick or treaters in our new neighborhood THANK HEAVEN! I mis the halcyon days of my childhood in the suburbs of the 70's. Days spent on costumes parents lurking and scaring each other. Those were the pre-razorbladed apple days. You couldn't wait until the Halloween cartoon special came on preferably Charlie Brown! Ah, the good ole days! Well, in my neighborhood it seems they're alive and strong!

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