Monday, October 12, 2009

Swamp Sunflowers

Helianthus angustifolius, ah, I am in love. Swamp Sunflowers! I have seen them in years past, but didn't know what they were. They bloom on tall shoots in the fall. And oh how I love fall! That first break in the ever present blasted heat around here. It's been in the high 80's since I got back from Portland. But today its almost cold! and drizzly too! Oh I love it. I love sweaters out of knubby fabrics and sheep's wool and handmade, hand dyed yarns. I love tea and coffee, moss and damp rocks.. I adore moody skies and cool breezes and dripping ferns. And now I love these flowers. They are so explosive and vibrant with fiery yellows. My friend Kim gave me this big bouquet on Thursday. Oh, the joy they bring! I have recut their stems, coaxing them to live longer. I sit in a sweater, in the gloaming with my tea in my handmade stoneware mug watching their fragile petals quiver in the slight breeze through the open window.
I have a friend who says the fall makes her sad. To her it is an ending time, end of summer, end of sun and beach which is her best time. I love the beach too. I love the marsh and the birds. But honestly I love them when it is not so hot.
To me fall is the beginning! I have fallen in love numerous times with the best of men in the fall. The leaves become golden tree crowns. The word becomes crisp and busy again, readying for winter. The slow bees are buzzing happily. There is honey to be harvested, beer to be brewed! The ancient people felt the glow the harvest, the plenty, the end of the years hardest work. They celebrated with gratitude and overwhelming joy that they would indeed survive another winter. Samhain- end of summer... the time of bonfires, rejoicing and feasts! And oh how I love fire! This cooler weather is so much more suited to creative fires. I can metalsmith, enamel, fire up the ceramic kilns without melting and dying from the heat! I was born to live in the mountains I think. But alas we are where we are and that is that. I do enjoy the beach when it is summer, but now it is my time. Robert loves the heat, the hotter the better. Not me. I love my tiki stuff and my banana trees, brugmansia and sago palms, but I am good for no creative work in the summer. My brain doesn't work so well in the steamy August time. I am only good for dreaming in hammocks then, or lazing down rivers. Now is the time I feel alive and full of song and long for my hammers and metal and chili, stews and squash and bonfires!
My friend who sees the end when fall comes along, just needs some swamp sunflowers and a lovely cup of flavorful tea!

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laceie said...

it's time for some more sunflowers. come on over in the morning and let's make, hammers and sunflowers!! :)
~ kim