Monday, September 28, 2009

Camping on Masonboro

We had a lovely Saturday night camping on Masonboro Island recently. It was blustery on Saturday as we paddled over, but warm, and then cooler on Sunday. We were visited by a fox and saw signs of many others as well as deer tracks. Robert found the remains of turtle eggs where something had eaten them, such a shame. He said the State reported no successful hatchings of shorebirds such as terns or oyster catchers on Masonoboro. There are just too many foxes and too many huge blow out parties over there with the ensuing drunken behavior, littering, fouling of the water and dunes, dogs unleashed, etc. Many shorebirds don't make twig nest, they just hollow out the sand a bit. Too many people don't care. Those that do are trying to do something about it. There will be a public meeting to increase awareness of the MBI Reserve and to discuss management options for use and abuse, with public comment invited. It will be 10/6 at the UNCW Center for Marine Science, 5600 Marvin Moss Lane, Auditorium, 6pm

Dawn on Masonboro.

Turtle egg shells

Wind writing with sea grass.

Ghost crab tracks.

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Anonymous said...

It is a shame to see such a beautiful place destroyed by party goers, but I have been fishing the island for years and would hate to lose it for this purpose. I never leave trash there and usually pick up what I find and take it with me. So lets keep it clean and open!!!