Wednesday, July 29, 2009

New Digs

Well after almost two months, I am STILL moving! We moved the household already which took weeks, packing... actual moving took a couple of days and then cleaning, spackling, etc. I am still unpacking boxes. Then I take those boxes to my studio and repack them (hurriedly) and throw them in my Jeep, and drive them home only to do it again an hour or two later.
I now officially HATE being a pack rat. I am temped to give up art all together! Being an artist you make things, and often I make things out of junk I collect, then you have to store said things! That is unless by some miracle they sell, then you're in luck, someone else has to store it! :-) So I head to the studio again tonight *sigh* Hopefully I won't become completely disheartened at the site of things. When you drive away with your car full, you feel you accomplished a lot, and then when you come back you see you hardly put a dent in the mountain of stuff! However when the studio is up and running I will be excited to possibly join a group in my area that do open studio tours once a month. We'll see!

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