Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Spark

One of my favorite musicians has a radio show! Check it out: The Spark with Tift Merritt!

"How do you light a spark?
How do you make something true?
How does art happen?

It is a funny thing to fall in love with a work of art and wonder about the person behind it.

Isn't it funny how many interesting people we all cross paths with, and wouldn't it be great, rather than just making small talk, if you could simply cut to the chase and ask for the good stuff. Well, that's what The Spark is to me. It's my chance to meet the real people behind great works of art and ask them how they've lived and worked, how they've stayed true to themselves and how they've become great artists." -Tift

1 comment:

Joddie said...

yes I'm agree, it's nice to follow the 'road' of some famous artist.. somehow we will get many things from there..