Friday, September 12, 2008

Horsey Talk

“And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.” -Marianne Williamson

So I haven't posted in bit, thought I'd start anew. In fact, since Artfest packets are hatching in people's mailboxes I would endeavor to make the blog more "arty"! Thought this quote was lovely, and exactly what Artfest is all about.
I have three new activities that have been hugely stimulating to me. One is a collaborative I am in with 12 other women, the next is a little collage class I am doing on wednesday nights at my studio with four local women. I call it "Collage Camp for Grown Up Girls". We began with a "Camp Creed" that I wrote:

"Tonight, I will give my inner critic the night off!
I will let go, play, maybe even dance.
I will open a window to let in Possibility.
I will be kind to myself, using only nurturing, encouraging
mental words.
I will allow Imperfection to visit and have tea, maybe I will learn
from her.
I will allow Uniqueness in as well.
Finally, I will fill with gratitude for whatever happens tonight!"

And thirdly, I started Cape Fear Metalsmiths, a local club for people who've caught the metal bug. I had three of them in my studio last night for a lesson on rivets. Thursday is my LONG day. It starts at 5:45. I teach metals at 8am for three hours at CFCC. Then I hang in my little shared office, chat with coworkers, grade, answer emails, tweek the school/class website, do paperwork, eat soup, fix broken equipment and then teach metals again until 5pm. Then I chase students out (there's always some who don't want to leave) lock up and drive to my studio and eat soup while I tidy up for the night metals class there. I finish up around 9:30 and drive home...gasp, gasp. Last night I laid in the floor,nay I collapsed!

Meredith rides in her first competitive equestrian show on Saturday. I am so excited! She is nervous! She will ride one of the stable's horses, Tobey. I told her we would all consider a horse when she is 16. Then she can drive to wherever it's boarded, herself! And she can have a job to pay for it! I confess I would love having a horse and small farm but alas, for now its our little brick ranch on a little suburban lot. Robert and I do dream of a bit of land, a house with a porch and rocking chairs, a garden, herbs, brick paths, angora goats, making soap, I would set up my loom and weave, I would have a pottery shed and he a boat and kayak building shed, and of course the metals/collage studio!
We love little outbuildings and point them out to each other on roadtrips. Oh well, someday....

Meredith making the horsey talk...


hiddenart said...

Hey Melissa,
I'm looking forward to Artfest. I'll be in your class on Friday. Seems so far away, but it will be here in the blink of an eye.
'Til then...

Jamie said...

I love your Camp Creed! I shared it with a small group of friends last night as inspiration for our first informal artist's retreat. We never got around to working on our collage but we definitely danced. :-)