Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Offshore Drilling Nightmare

The following was an email forwarded to me by a friend of Kitty Mitchell of the band Molasses Creek who live on Ocracoke Island part of our NC outer banks. It is a beautiful, quaint island that strives to maintain its sleepy, small fishing village lifestyle:

"My newest painting is a post card to Senators Dole & Burr, and also to Congressman Walter Jones, and to Mr. McCrory. Three cheers to Bev Perdue who is the ONLY candidate so far that has refused to endorse off shore drilling.

This will not be good for our economy. We have a thriving tourist and
fishing industry that does not need to invest our resources in old polluting
technologies when we are so capable of doing better for ourselves, our
children and our planet. We have more wind than oil, it's ours and it can't
be shipped to China.

Feel free to use this image to save our coast, I only ask for artistic

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