Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Composting Good and Evil: Redesign for Sanctimonious Sinner

Well Artfest is over and I sit in a slightly shabby, lonely Holiday Inn in Itasca Illinois. Our flight home was cancelled.... so in an effort to entertain myself I give you the virtual exhibit by Ethical Metalsmiths "Composting Good and Evil: Redesign for Sanctimonious Sinner"
This image is great! It's A men's suit made from recycled potting soil bags
"A totally 60s, totally groovy suit made from organic potting soil bags. Dr. Earth's colorful bags leant themselves so naturally to trash fashion! An orange striped fitted coat, over a frilly white shirt made from vanilla-scented kitchen trash bags. The straight-leg pants give the ensemble some real flower power!"
Designed by Prima Debris (Kathi Griffis).

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