Saturday, March 15, 2008

Rolling right along

So, my camera bit the dust in the wet exit last month and I am realizing now how much I used it. I can't photograph the work I am making for Artfest, or Meredith's first short haircut! I couldn't snap shots of the SlotMachines in our recent appearance at SNAG in Savannah GA. I can't photograph work I did for an archetypes round robin project, heck! I can't photograph anything!!
So you'll just have to hear about it all.... okay so Meredith has her first short haircut-smashing! I went to Savannah. I am frantically making bits for Arfest08, and working in a round robin for the first time in years. Life is just rolling right along at a fantastic clip. I haven;t relaxed, read a book took a nap or been leisurely in any way. Although I did catch a performance of "Turning the Wheel-Nearly Invisible" tonight.

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