Monday, January 21, 2008

The Commission

SO! before Christmas this interesting gentleman emailed me about a commission. He wanted a cover for his pool table light that would have a House of Blues look to it. This is what I did over the next two weeks. Oh.... He also wanted references to BBQ and primitive turkeys and pigs.
The two bottom pictures are of the piece in progress. I had a blast working on this and listened to alot of Lucinda Williams to get in the Delta mood. I am working on another commission for the same person. It's a mirror with old pieces of wood tin and copper all around it. Then if he's happy with the mirror I may do some enamelled light sconces for him.

1 comment:

Steve Brimm said...

Cool piece! Rebecca said she wants one even though we don't even have a pool table

Don't forget to give me a call if the green fairy comes to visit.