Friday, October 5, 2007

Plastic Bag Ban!?

Shirking responsibility right now....
This was too cool. I found this blogging around:
"SAN FRANCISCO -- San Francisco's Board of Supervisors Tuesday afternoon passed an ordinance requiring large supermarkets and pharmacies in the city to replace non-biodegradable plastic bags with reusable or recyclable bags."
I have no TV (well I have one, but no cable- use it only for an ocassional movie) and I live eat and breath teaching these days. so I don't hear the news much, but man, how exciting! It was a post on this great blog:

Green is the New Black

"To this end, I am glad that San Francisco has banned retailers from using these horrid bags (the ban should have taken effect October 1for grocery stores if I’m not mistaken), and I wish Los Angeles would do the same. Hell, I wish the entire state would do the same. California has coastline out the ass that it needs to protect, and getting rid of the bags would be a great place to start.

Our legacy of plastic needs to be cut short pronto – and banning the non-biodegradable plastic bag is an excellent place to start. Bringing your own bags isn’t that difficult once you get in the habit."


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