Saturday, September 22, 2007

Rant of the month

I don't know about you but the last article makes me want to cry. I mean how do we even begin to clean up a non-biodegradable trash pile two times bigger than TEXAS!??? What the HELL is this world coming to? Tell me please.
I try, try, try to open eyes in the classes of the high school students I teach this semester. Not to the environment per se, but to just SEE! To be aware, AWAKE, as they walk through life! People bungle through life with their PLASTIC ipod earbuds... are they listening? Of course not, because who wants to?! Squawking about the ocean and the environment is not as catchy as a Shinns tune. Well then I hope Mother Nature wins! I hope cancer from their stinking cigarettes kills them all. I hope apes do take over the world and the Statue of Liberty ends up buried to her eyeballs. Cause I tell you what, we don't deserve this Eden, we thankless, hairless apes who gotta get down the road in our giant smoking gas burners. "Oh yes! Where we have to go with our plastic everything is so damn important, there are clients on the line! Deals to be made! Get out of the way! To hell with the big blue marble!"

That's what they think I'm sure...cell phone in hand behind their volvo/bmw/mercedes/escalade steering wheel...
I mean isn't it?
Do they know? Have they ever made anything with their hands? from earth? or wood they cut themselves and planed down? Have they grown anything? Have they ever see the lightbulb go off behind a young person's eyes?
Where's the quality I ask?
'Cause I see plenty of quantity every day.

Maybe the pretty jellyfish will soften my rant.....

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